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Soldier wounded days before Iraq withdrawal

Published on 20/05/2004

20 May 2004

MADRID – A Spanish soldier was wounded in an attack by insurgents Thursday on a convoy in southern Iraq, Spanish Defense Ministry spokesmen told EFE.

An Iraqi rebel fighter was killed and another seriously wounded in the incident, officials said.

The attack occurred at 10.30am in the village of Al Hamza, south of the Iraqi town of Diwaniyah, as a security unit accompanying a Spanish convoy of several armoured vehicles was returning from Kuwait.

The Spanish soldier was not seriously wounded in the attack and is being treated at the Spanish army medical facility in Diwaniyah.

A third Iraqi was arrested during the skirmish.

The Spanish Defence Ministry has notified relatives of the wounded soldier, whose identity has not been released.

Al Hamza, a village south of Diwaniyah, some 180 kilometres (112 miles) from Baghdad, is one of the most dangerous areas surrounding the city.

Spanish troops say the village serves as a base for drug and arms trafficking operations.

Spain is scheduled to complete its pullout of troops to Kuwait by 27 May, but that date could be moved forward depending on available resources and security in the region.

Since Spanish troops arrived in Iraq in July 2003, 11 Spanish troops from several units have been killed in separate incidents.

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