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Six reports to be kept secret from terror inquiry

Published on 02/07/2004

2 July 2004

MADRID — The inquiry investigating the circumstances surrounding the Madrid terrorist bombings will not be allowed to see six secret service reports, the government said Friday.

The reports would affect the “structure” of the Centre for National Intelligence (CNI) and foreign intelligence services so they cannot be made public, said government spokesman María Teresa Fernández de la Vega.

She said when taking this decision the government had been aware of its commitment to “transparency” with the inquiry.

But it was limited by  “state security and the security of its citizens” and decided to keep the reports from the public inquiry.

Fernández de la Vega said the inquiry will have “practically all” the documents which it had asked for and that this information was, in her view, “sufficient” to do their job.

She outlined the way in which the inquiry will receive intelligence reports which it had asked for.

The government will put before Parliament five reports after they have been declassified and are not judged to put at risk national safety.

MPs will hear in a secret session other reports which the inquiry had asked for.

Another secret session of the parliamentary commission on spending reserves, related to the CNI, will hear about another 19 reports which were also requested by the inquiry.

These relate to documents about the alleged existence of weapons of massive destruction in Iraq.

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