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Six more suspects arrested for selling explosives

9 June 2004

AVILES – Six people were arrested Wednesday for allegedly selling explosives used in the 11 March terrorist attacks in Madrid, police said.

Among those arrested was Antonio Castro Toro, brother-in-law of José Emilio Suárez Trashorras, the former miner who has been charged in connection with the investigation.

Toro has been arrested before but was later released.

Trashorras, a Spaniard, is accused of selling explosives used in the bomb attacks which killed 192 people and left 1,500 injured.

He sold the Goma 2 explosives for cash and drugs to the Islamic fanatics who carried out the terrorist atrocity.

Another of those who were arrested Wednesday was Toro’s sister, Carmen Castro, the girlfriend of Trashorras

Sources named another suspect as Emilio Llano, a mine foreman who is said to have stolen the explosives,

Three others were also named as Rubén Iglesias, Javier González Díaz, alias ‘The Dynamite’, and 22-year-old Iván Granados Peña.

The Guardia Civil carried out the arrests in Aviles in Asturias in northern Spain.

The Goma 2 explosives used in the rush-hour bombings were said to have been stolen from a mine in this part of Spain.

Authorities said  that the operation was still underway and more arrests were expected later.

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