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Six dead and 29 injured in two crashes within 40km

7 June 2004

NAVARRA – Six people were killed and 29 injured in two road accidents in the same part of Spain Monday.

Navarra in north-west Spain saw its worst death toll on the roads in one day. The acdidents happened within 40 kilometres of each other.

Five people were killed in a head-on crash between a taxi and a Peugeot 205, between Azketa and Ayegui.

Three people who were travelling in a Volkswagen, including a couple in their 60s and another woman aged 63, were killed instantly.

A husband, aged 68, and his 47-year-old wife, who were in the Peugeot 205, died from their injuries.   

In a separate accident earlier, one person was killed and at least 29 were injured when a lorry hit a bus.

The driver of the bus, Jesus Angel Tobias Santo Domingo, 28,  died and six people were reported to be in a “grave” state after the crash which happened at a bus terminal in Mendavia, in Navarra, north-west Spain.

Some of these were resuscitated in the bus by firefighters, then taken to hospital.

Medical sources said another six passengers suffered less serious injuries and had broken bones were not in a “critical” state.

The first call to the emergency services came through at 1.34pm and firefighters, police and ambulances rushed to the scene.

Sources told EFE news agency that the accident happened on the NA 134 road.

The bus normally travels between Logroño, Azagra and Lodosa.

The cause of the crash was still not known.

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