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Sex scandal mayor fights back

Published on 23/02/2004

23 February 2004

CORUNA – The mayor who defied public opinion to stay in his post after being convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl has prepared his appeal, it was reported Monday.

Jesús Ares, mayor of the town of Toques in Galicia, was ordered to pay a fine of EUR 12 each day for two years plus EUR 6,000 compensation to the victim, Sandra Maria.

Ares provoked national outrage in January when he refused to step down from his post as mayor of the 1,500-population town and received strong local support.

The offence happened in January 2001, when Ares abused the daughter of a friend, who is also a member of the conservative Popular Party (PP).

He kissed and touched the girl in a car despite her pleas for him to leave her alone.

Ares said in his defence that it was a “spontaneous and sincere” moment.

The girl suffered nervous problems after the attack.

The regional PP party suspended Ares from the party, but he still refused to stand down. Five party members who supported Ares were expelled.

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