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Secular political group denies crusade against Church

10 November 2004

MADRID-Political parties who have formed a group to debate secularism insisted they are not trying to counter the influence of the Catholic Church.

Gaspar Llamazares, leader of the far-left United Left party who heads the party political group in the Spanish parliament, said: “It is not a crusade, but a move for tolerance.”

The group, which was formed of members from all parties except the conservative Popular Parties, was formed amid the rising involvement of the Spanish Catholic Church in political life.

The Church has called for a demonstration next month against the Socialist party’s social reforms, which include legalising gay marriage, making divorce quicker and abortion more accessible.

Llamazares said that the purpose of the group was to work for a more secular, plural and tolerant society as opposed a “culture of dogmatism”.

Critics of the Church claim it is mounting a “crusade” against the present government – something Church leaders deny.

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