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Second ‘police killer’ caught

3 June 2004

BARCELONA – Police arrested Thursday a second man suspected for shooting dead a police officer during a jail break-out.

The suspect, named only as Antonio J, was arrested in the town of Manises, near Valencia.

He went on the run with another known criminal after the pair broke out of a court building, shooting a police officer after grabbing his gun.

The other suspect, named as Julio Navarro, was detained after a large-scale police operation in the San Cosme area, east of Barcelona, on 27 May.

The pair were on the run since the drama started 24 May as they were being taken from the police cell to appear in court.

The 25-year-old officer died instantly.

The pair burst out of the court building, hijacked a car and shot a painter who was working nearby.

He was not seriously injured.

The shooting happened at the court at El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona airport to the west of the city.

Police believed the pair were being sheltered by fellow gipsies who still keep to the ‘code of silence’.

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