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Sacked head of Spanish TV wants back

Published on 11/05/2004

11 May 2004

MADRID – The sacked former head of Spain’s public television RTVE wants to come back and work there, sources said Tuesday. 

Alfredo Urdaci, who was dismissed after he was seen to favour the previous government, is currently on holiday.

Staff at the public channel are trying to work out  “the best possible compromise” to bring him back without angering staff who were opposed to his rule, according to Carmen Caffarel, the director of Spanish radio and television.

Urdaci was highly criticised after RTVE failed to properly report large labour demonstrations on 20 June last year, playing down the numbers of demonstrators present.

He could return as news editor of Radio Nacional

Jose Lluis Rodriguez Zapatero made Urdaci’s dismissal – and a promise to improve public television – a campaign pledge.

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