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Royal honeymooners jet to Jordanian nuptials

27 May 2004

MADRID – Spain’s royal newlyweds were travelling to Jordan Thursday to attend another royal wedding in the latest stage of their honeymoon.

Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia Ortiz, who were wed Saturday in Madrid, are expected at the official wedding ceremony of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein and Princess Noor.

The Jordanian wedding will gather many members of royalty from Europe and the Arab world.

The Spanish royal couple will stay in Amman and Aqaba, and may make a jaunt to the city of Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert.

The first leg of their honeymoon started Sunday in Cuenca, moved on to other historic sites including Albarracin, Zaragoza, and the medieval city of Olite, in Navarra.

They dined in the Basque city of San Sebastian before returning to Madrid.

They had covered 800 kilometres (497 miles) by car and 600 kilometres (373 miles) by plane in just two days, almost always under the gaze of thousands of admiring Spaniards.

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