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Row over sex pest priest

11 February 2004

CORDOBA – A row blew up Wednesday over a priest who was allowed to carry on working despite being convicted of abusing six girls.

Rosa Aguilar, the mayor of Córdoba, asked the bishopric to assume responsibilities in order to remove Father Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo from his ministry.

The priest was sentenced in May 2003 to eleven years prison and EUR 8,100 in damages for child molesting. The sentence has been suspended pending an appeal.

In a press conference, Aguilar condemned the bishopric’s support of the priest, saying it was provocative and contradicted guidelines recently published by the Episcopalian Conference about issues such as wife battering, child abuse and rape.

She added it was unbelievable that a priest could be allowed to continue working in the same place and with the same functions with a prison sentence of this magnitude hanging over him.

The bishop of Cordoba said later Wednesday the priest would be removed from his post.

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