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Romanian kills pregnant wife, shows body to father by webcam

Published on 05/04/2011

Spanish police have detained a Romanian man who strangled his pregnant wife in front of the couple's three-year-old daughter and then showed her body to his father in Romania by webcam, police said Tuesday.

Police detained Dorel Marcu, 21, after being alerted by Romanian police who were notified by his father before he could carry out a threat to kill his wife’s 13-year-old sister as well, police said in a statement.

Marcu told his father through an Internet chat “that he had strangled his wife while he showed him the lifeless body of his partner via webcam,” the statement said.

“He also said that when the victim’s 13-year-old sister returned home, she would ‘suffer the same fate’,” it added.

The victim’s sister arrived at the flat in the Madrid suburb of Torrejon de Ardoz where the murder took place on Monday shortly before police arrived to arrest Marcu. She was unharmed.

Marcu’s 19-year-old wife was five months pregnant and also a Romanian.

Spanish media reported that the couple had gotten into a fight after the woman told Marcu that she wanted to break up and that the baby which she was carrying was not his.

A police spokesman would not confirm the reports, saying only that all possible motives for the murder would be investigated.

“I’m devastated,” the victim’s mother Violeta told reporters at the apartment where the mueder took place, the online edition of El Mundo newspaper reported.

“I do not know what I do now, how I’ll start over,” she said, adding that Marcu had recently found a job but did not show up for work on Monday.

Marcu had no criminal record and did not resist arrest.

The victim’s family has take in the couple’s daughter, Spanish media reported.