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Real wives snipe at Victoria Beckham

Published on 07/05/2004

7 May 2004

MADRID – The wives of two Real Madrid footballers have criticised Victoria Beckham after her husband’s alleged affairs, it was reported Friday.

Mamen Sanchez — married to striker Raul — criticised Victoria, 30, for not immediately moving to Spain with David.

And Helen Svedin, the wife of Luis Figo, told a Spanish magazine: “I get on well with the other wives but as for Victoria, I’ve hardly seen her.”

Real Madrid sources are quoted as saying Mamen is furious she and Raul, 26, are no longer Spain’s favourite couple.

She appeared on a TV show and said of Victoria Beckham: “David is so charming. But Victoria is more distant.”

Mamen, 27, said after Beckham joined Real Madrid: “Victoria can’t stop doing things to attract attention.”

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