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Home News Ramblas human statues to undergo ‘artistic tests’

Ramblas human statues to undergo ‘artistic tests’

Published on 04/10/2006

4 October 2006

BARCELONA — Human statues on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas will have to undergo ‘artistic tests’ to see if they are good enough.

How one decides if a person dressed as Dracula lying in a coffin or another person sitting on a flushing toilet should pass the ‘artistic test’ has not been made clear.

But in an effort to clear-up one of the most famous thoroughfares in Europe, Barcelona City Council wants to target one of the best-known features of Las Ramblas.

Carles Marti, councillor for the area which covers Las Ramblas, said: “We do not like the situation at the moment and we think it could be improved.

“We have decided that a system must be brought in to decide who should be there and who should not. These artistic tests will root out those who are not up to standard.”

The move has won the support of local residents, who are sick of the throngs of sombrero-wearing tourists dawdling along their local street gawping at the colourful street artists.

Ramon Lamazares, president of the Friends of Las Ramblas, said: “The road has been degraded in recent years and something should be done to raise standards. It will not harm tourist numbers.”

But human statues are none too pleased.

Orlando Briceño, 28, has been working alternately for two years as a gold-painted poker player dressed in top hat and tales or as an angel.

He said: “It is true to say some people who are working here who do not come up to standard.

“But we all feel that this is a free art. This will not be good for Las Ramblas if you start putting conditions on who should perform here or not.”

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