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Public television to lose government bias

17 March 2004

MADRID – The new Socialist government is to call an urgent meeting with experts in order to introduce reforms to Spain’s public television network, it was announced Wednesday.

The new government said changes will be seen as soon as an interim director of TVE is appointed.

Spain’s TVE has been widely criticised in the past for being too close to the government.

Last year it failed to report large labour demonstrations and played down marches against the Iraq invasion, which was supported by the outgoing government of Jose Maria Aznar.

But Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spain’s new premier, said Wednesday the result of last Sunday’s elections is proof that today’s society cannot be fooled or manipulated.

He said now more than ever, citizens have the right to receive truthful information.

Zapatero added that reforming the public media will be an easy task, because it does not require any extra financing.

He said the model proposed by a panel of experts will be a guideline for all autonomous television networks where the Socialists have a ruling majority.

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