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Probe into abuse at private nursery

Published on 23/01/2004

23 January 2004

VITORIA – An investigation has been launched into allegations that children have been abused at a private kindergarten, it was reported Friday.

The inquiry is to examine allegations that children were verbally and physically attacked and forced to swallow their own vomit on a regular basis

The newspaper El Correo reported Friday that 15 families, whose children attended the nursery in Vitoria, in north-west Spain, have withdrawn them while the investigation is carried out by the Attorney General for Minors.

The nursery caters for children aged between zero and three years old.

The investigation started in December when a group of parents reported the school after claiming that their children were being abused.

Their suspicions were raised when they tried to give their children breakfast or dinner, but the children started to strike themselves on their own mouths.

Their concern increased when they heard from an ex-employee who claimed the children were shouted at, hit and abused systematically.

In order not to mark the children, the alleged abusers often cover their faces with nappies before attacking them.

The ex-employee told how the babies were forced to eat vomit and were threatened by employees shouting: “I´m going to break your head”

According to the newspaper, there were no photographs or images to prove these allegations but the former employee had recorded four cassettes which were heard by the parents.

After listening to the tapes, the families decided to take their children away from the kindergarten without explaining their true reasons to the management.

The parents did not make their complaints to the police after receiving advice that it was necessary to maintain the secrecy of the investigation for the sake of the children.

The matter will be handled by the Attorney General for Minors which will not disclose the identity of the children.

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