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Prince in car crash

14 January 2004

GUATEMALA – The heir to the Spanish throne, Felipe de Borbon, was involved in a car crash while riding through the Guatemalan capital, palace sources said Wednesday.

The car in which Prince Felipe was riding was damaged in a “slight incident” when it got caught up in a traffic jam in the centre of Guatemala City.

The crown prince was not injured in the minor accident, which happened as he was being driven from the City Hall to the Museum of Modern Art.

His driver braked upon coming to an area where there was a traffic jam and the vehicle hit the car in front of it, causing minor damage. No injuries were reported in either car.

The prince changed vehicles and continued on with his journey.

Felipe arrived in Guatemala on Monday to attend the Wednesday inauguration of President-elect Oscar Berger.

At the Museum of Modern Art, the Prince of Asturias opened an exhibit featuring the work of Spanish painter Eugenio Granell.

The prince is preparing for this wedding to former television presenter Letizia Ortiz planned for May 22.

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