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Pregnant woman plunges to death

3 February 2004

BILBAO – A woman who was seven months pregnant fell to her death from a block of flats Tuesday after being attacked by her boyfriend, police said.

Emergency services were called in the early hours of the morning after the woman fell from her fourth-floor flat in an area of Bilbao called Irala.

The gravely-injured woman was taken to hospital by ambulance.

But five hours later, at about 6am Tuesday, the woman died in hospital as a result of the injuries sustained during her fall.

The 33-year-old woman, originally from Nigeria, was in an advanced state of pregnancy.

The authorities detained her 36-year-old boyfriend, also from Nigeria, after they discovered he had caused her fatal fall.

According to first reports and evidence recovered by police, before the woman fell from the window, she had been attacked by the boyfriend.

He had a history of physical violence against her. But there was no legal order to protect the woman from her violent partner.

Domestic violence is an important political issue in Spain, despite the country’s reputation as a ‘macho country’.

It is expected to form one of the main issues at the forthcoming general election to be held on 14 March.

Meanwhile, police in Bilbao have opened an investigation into the tragedy and may formally arrest and charge the boyfriend in connection with the death of his partner.

Neighbours said they heard frequent screams and cries from the woman and many said the tragedy was “foreseeable”.

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