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Prado expansion ‘could be finished next year’

Published on 02/07/2004

2 July 2004

MADRID – The expansion of Spain’s Prado museum could be finished by next summer, it was reported Friday.

 Project architect Rafael Moneo said the long-awaited work could be complete by 2005, but refused to provide a specific completion date.

Moneo led a tour of the construction site for students taking a course about the reconstruction of the Prado, organized by Madrid’s Universidad Complutense.

During the visit, the architect said he hopes the building will be ready before the summer.

He added: “I am taking a risk by saying this.”

Moneo, who cited the different renovations and expansions carried out at the Prado throughout its history, outlined the many problems he faced during the project.

He said: “It’s important to note the magnitude and difficulty of the expansion project, a very unpleasant process.

“It may seem like a respectful and non-provocative project, but the construction of each one of the halls has been accompanied by many problems.

“I’m interested in people seeing the project so they will better understand what went into it.”

At this stage, Moneo said, it makes no sense to talk about the corrections, changes or adjustments to the initial plans that were made in response to criticisms and ultimately “benefited the project.”

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