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Prado doubles prices to capitalise on foreigners

16 December 2004

MADRID- Madrid’s top Prado museum is to double its prices with entry to cost six euros (eight dollars) from January 1, a spokeswoman said.

Under young director Miguel Zugaza, the museum became a public entity last year and as such has to increase its revenue to cover costs, the spokeswoman said.

Spanish Minister for Culture, Carmen Calvo, had said Tuesday that “it would be inefficient to lose out on the resources of foreigners who represent 65 percent of visitors.”

Calvo added that, “in its category, the Prado is the cheapest in the world.”

She stressed that the Prado would also maintain a policy of one free day per week.

The museum, currently undergoing extensive refurbishment, also intends to extend opening hours to 8:00 pm., as it plans to stay open for an extra hour if staff agree to the proposal.
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