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Power-cuts as heatwave hits Spain

Published on 29/06/2004

29 June 2004

SEVILLE —Power-cuts plunged one city into chaos as Spain was in the grip of sizzling high temperatures Tuesday.

Seville was hit by its second power-cut after a surge in demand put the electricity supply out of action for hours.

Traffic lights, hospital machinery and other essential services were out of action for hours as authorities scrambled to bring in extra generators while temperatures hit 40 degrees.

It raised fears that more power-cuts could follow as demand soars along with temperatures during the summer.  

In Madrid, temperatures soared to a 73-year high of 39.3 degrees centigrade (102.74 Fahrenheit), according to the national meteorological institute.

Temperatures topped 40 degrees centigrade (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in seven provincial capitals — Cordoba, Badajoz, Seville, Caceres, Toledo, Granada and Ciudad Real.

The highest recorded temperature — 42.3 degrees centigrade (108.14 degrees Fahrenheit) was in Cordoba.

The exceptionally heavy use of air conditioning units also produced a record demand for electricity of 36,330 megawatts.

The previous high of 34,850 MW was recorded on June 25 last year.

The meteorological office said the heat wave was expected to last until Thursday.

High-risk health warnings were issued Tuesday in Madrid.

The government has said it is anxious not repeat the health problems experienced across Europe last year during the hot summer, in which thousands were said to have died.

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