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Policeman shot dead in courthouse drama

24 May 2004

BARCELONA –A police officer was shot dead and another man injured as two prisoners staged a dramatic escape at a court near Barcelona, police sources said Monday.

The shooting happened when three people were driven to the court at El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona airport to the east of the city.

Police sources told EFE news agency one of the prisoners in custody was thought to have snatched a gun from one of the police officers and the shot the policemen.

The 26-year-old police officer died shortly afterwards from his injures.

At the same time, a worker who was restoring the front of the court house was also thought to have been hit with gunshot.

After the shoot-out, two prisoners dashed to a car and were driven off at high speed.

The car was later found nearby.

Police said it was thought the two men changed cars very soon after they escaped.

A huge search was underway to catch the escaped prisoners.

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