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Police smash international drugs gang

10 December 2003

SEVILLE – Police smashed a major international drugs gang which was flooding Spain with heroin and cocaine, it was reported Wednesday.

Two Turks and three Spaniards were arrested and police seized a large quantity of drugs, cash and guns in two raids.

The two Turks, who were arrested first in Granada, were found with four kilogrammes of heroin, EUR 500, three mobile phones and various documents.

One of the Turks was said to be the boss of the gang, police sources added.

The three Spaniards, who all come from the same family, were arrested in a town called Dos Hermanas in the Costa del Sol.

The three were said to be responsible for the distribution of heroin throughout Spain.

They were caught with 9 kg of cocaine and 1 kg of substances used to mix with the drug before it is sold on the street.

But police said the substance contained carcinogenics, which can cause cancer.

Detectives also seized EUR 3,750, a machine-gun, two shotguns, a variety of ammunition, a mobile telephone, documents, and a car.

Police said the operation had closed down a gang which had brought large quantities of heroin into Spain.

The investigation was made more difficult, though, because of the family links between the Spanish members of the gang.

The operation – codenamed Bosphorus – was carried out by a team from the drugs and organized crime unit of Spain’s National Police force.

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