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Police smash gang who stole celebrities’ cars

3 December 2004

MADRID-Spanish police have broken up a gang dedicated to stealing top-of-the-range luxury cars owned by celebrities or sporting personalities.

The gang, mostly made up of Bulgarians, stole Porsches, Audi A-8s and S-8s, BMW X-5s, Mercedes and Range Rovers.

The cars would then be sold in Bulgaria and the UK.

The police operation was carried out with the help of police in Bulgaria and the UK.

Arrests were made across Spain in Galapagar, Collado Villalba and Madrid.

The gang, who were based in Madrid were also said to have robbed homes and business addresses.

Police seized stolen jewellery including 80 pieces of silverware, luxury glasses and EUR 14,000 in cash.

Those arrested included 14 Bulgarians, one Russian and one Iraqi, all aged between 21 and 59 years hold.

Police did not name any celebrities involved.

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