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Police smash gang behind fake house sales

24 March 2004

BARCELONA – A gang who used forged documents to sell buildings which did not belong to them have been arrested, police said Wednesday.

The National Police said six people have been arrested Barcelona for allegedly selling rented buildings in Catalonia and Madrid using forged property deeds.

In some cases, members of the group would apply for fictitious mortgages to buy the buildings.

They are also accused of using bank cheques which were stolen from public letter boxes then forged and cashed for larger amounts.

The six suspects forged several documents such as public property deeds, identity cards and other material used to rent a property or apply for a mortgage.

They have been charged with a total of 154 crimes.

Although they were based in in Barcelona, police said they could have operated across Spain because they were had enough  nfrastructure.

Police have seized forged documents from the flat of one suspect, including 156 payroll sheets, 30 ownership deeds, 5 rental contracts, 8 bank books and 15 identity cards.

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