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Home News Police search for kidnapped teen in Reus

Police search for kidnapped teen in Reus

Published on 18/04/2007

18 April 2007

BARCELONA – Police are searching for a teenaged girl who was snatched off the street by two men and bundled into a car in the town of Reus, authorities said.

The 15-year-old was walking with her young cousin on Monday to the home of their grandparents when two men pulled up to the pair in a luxury sedan and spoke briefly to the girl.

Suddenly, the men jumped out of their BMW automobile, grabbed the teenager, threw her into the car and sped off, authorities said.

The victim, identified only by her initials, S.G.P., managed to yell to her cousin to run to their grandparents’ home.

That night the teen called her aunt but was crying so hard the aunt could not understand what she was saying. Then one of the kidnappers took the phone and told the aunt: “Don’t call the cops or we’ll come after you!”

There has been no contact with the girl or her abductors since, authorities said.

The aunt told the press that the teenager had lived with her grandparents since birth. She said that although her niece had dropped out of school three years ago, she was a model child and only left the house accompanied by relatives.

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