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Police probe into Las Fallas fireworks tragedy

17 March 2004

VALENCIA – A teenager lost a finger and suffered serious burns in an accident involving firecrackers at the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, police said Wednesday.

The accident happened after the 16-year-old bought the firecrackers from a lorry was carrying 63 kgs of fireworks for the festival.

The boy was taken to Hospital La Fe where doctors amputated a finger and treated him for serious burns late Tuesday.

Police have launched an investigation into the sale of the fireworks to the teenager, but is is not clear how the accident happened.

Las Fallas is a week-long festival in Valencia in which huge papier-mache figures are paraded through the streets.

The festival, which has a satirical theme, ends Friday 19 March with the biggest march when the figures are burnt and there is a spectacular firework display.

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