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Police officer’s car blown up in revenge plot

Published on 05/12/2003

5 December 2003

CUETA – A police officer’s car was blown up in a revenge attack, it was reported Friday.

The attackers put gunpowder in the petrol tank then set the car on fire.

The vehicle was destroyed by the explosion.

The officer, who works for the Spanish national police force, was not in the car at the time and was not injured in the blast.

The attack happened in the early hours of Friday when the car was parked in a residential area of the city.

Neighbours said they heard a large explosion and called police.

Officers from the National Police bomb squad were called to the scene and said that the petrol tank had been filled with gunpowder and then set on fire.

Police sources said that the attack appeared to be a revenge attack by a criminal or by someone who had had dealings with the officer.

In the past, the Basque terrorist group ETA has carried out bomb attacks on the cars of police officers.

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