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Plastic surgery clinic fined over lip surgery

8 March 2004

BARCELONA – A plastic surgery clinic has been ordered to pay EUR 11,000 to a woman after an operation to enlarge her lips went wrong.

The woman, who is a nurse, still has three tumours on her lips.

A judge in Barcelona said that the doctor should have told the patient of
the risks of the operation.

The woman could not properly decide if she wanted to take the risks involved in the

“The omission of this information qualifies as negligence,” said the judge.

The woman, who was not named, said: “I only signed a general contract for
treatment for wrinkles, peeling, colagenics.”

She added that the contract did not say anything of the possible side effects of
the treatment that they were going to apply.

On 23 September 2001, the woman had surgery at the Corporación Dermoestetica, in Barcelona, for which she paid EUR 1,000.

But 24 hours after the operation, she noticed three swellings on her upper lip. The centre gave her an anti-inflammatory treatment and told her she should massage her lip.

After a few months, these swellings had not disappeared. A doctor gave an injection of a treatment called Trigon Depot and they finally went away.

The woman claimed EUR 36,000 compensation for the “deficient work” of the doctor who attended her.

The clinic claimed that there had been no negligence and the doctor conformed to proper medical standards. 

The judge did not consider the doctor had been negligent.

But the judge said the doctor should have informed the woman about the risks
of the operation.

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