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Pilot killed after military jet crashes

4 May 2004

ALBACETE – The body of a pilot whose Mirage F-1 jet crashed Tuesday has been  found, authorities said.

Captain Miguel Alejandro Esteban Calonge, 29,  was killed when the jet crashed Tuesday morning.

Parts of the jet were found ten kilometres away from where it came down in Alcaraz, near a small town called Arteaga de Arriba, in the provice of Albacete in south-east Spain .

The jet was based at the Los Llanos military air base near Albacete.

Captain Calonge, who was unmarried and from Madrid, was returning to the base to refuel after a mission when the accident happened.

A major search was mounted to try to find the captain.

Military sources initially did not discount the possibility that the pilot might have survived by using the ejector-seat.

It was still not clear what had caused the crash and an investigation was underway.

The crash happened at about 11am Tuesday.

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