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Pensioner thrown out of home for EUR 39 debt

Published on 10/03/2004

10 March 2004

HUELVA – The local authorities came to the aid Wednesday of an 86-year-old pensioner who had been forced to leave her home after she failed to pay EUR 39 rent.

Rosario Piudo, who has heart problems, left the home she had lived in for nearly 30 years in Seville Tuesday.

She had refused to pay rent at one stage in a protest at the condition of
her home.

Once the repairs had been completed, she started paying her rent again.

However, there was a mix-up over money and she owed the landlord EUR 39.

She was ordered by a court to leave her home because of the debt.

The social services in Huelva in western Spain offered Piudo a place in a retirement home.

Pérez Saldaña, spokesman for social services, said: “From this moment, she can go to the retirement home.

“We are hoping that she and her family will agree to do this.”

With regard to the decisión by a judge to force her to leave her home, Saldaña said: “We think at times justice, even though it is based on laws which make it correct to take a decision of this type, in reality it is better not to proceed.”

“Justice has to correspond more to our lives. At times there are legal decisions that we cannot understand like how is a person thrown out of their home for not paying EUR 30.”
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