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Orphans mourn lost parents

17 March 2004

MADRID – At least 4,000 mourners attended the funerals Wednesday of victims of the terrorist attacks which left eight children from the same school orphaned.

The emotionally-charged funerals were held in Colegio Ciudad de Valencia en Santa Eugenia, near the station where one train of the trains was blown up last Thursday.

Seven students each lost a parent and an eighth child at the college lost both parents in the terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, authorities said 201 people were still being treated in hospital for serious injuries and  seven of them were in a critical condition.

The death toll from the bomb attacks stood at 201 people Wednesday.

A special service of remembrance will be held Thursday at Atocha station in Madrid at 12.30pm, a week after the atrocity.

At the funerals Wednesday, the children who lost parents remained in class with their teachers and other classmates because the ceremonies were thought to be too upsetting.

During a religious service, the school children prayed for the speedy recuperation of the families of those who died or were injured.

They also asked the terrorists to repent their sins.

Flowers were left near the exact place where the train was blown up last Thursday.

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