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Spain has the world’s fourth highest life expectancy

Published on 20/05/2016

A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals that Spain has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world.

The “World Health Statistics: Monitoring Health for the SDGs” annual report found that the average life expectancy in Spain was 82.8, equal with Australia.

Japan was first with 83.7, followed by Switzerland and Singapore with 83.4 and 83.1 respectively.

The report shows how global life expectancy has increased by 5 years since 2000, the fastest increase since the 1960s.

The largest increase was in Africa, where it increased by 9.4 years to 60 years, owing to improvements in child survival, progress in malaria control and expanded access to HIV treatment.

“The world has made great strides in reducing the needless suffering and premature deaths that arise from preventable and treatable diseases,” said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO.

“But the gains have been uneven. Supporting countries to move towards universal health coverage based on strong primary care is the best thing we can do to make sure no-one is left behind.”

The same report also revealed that the UK has one of the highest death rates caused by air pollution in Europe, topping Spain, France and Portugal.

London consistently breaks legal levels of air pollution.

New mayor of the city Sadiq Khan’s first announcement was a proposed “T-charge” for vehicles spitting out filthy fumes in central London and an expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone by 2020.

The WHO said air pollution was a “major risk” for adults — causing cardio- vascular diseases, stroke and lung cancer — and half of all pneumonia deaths in children under five.


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