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Ombudsman attacks ‘wretched’ children’s TV

22 September 2004

MADRID –The Spanish ombudsman said Wednesday there was an “urgent” need to change children’s television programmes which were full of “useless and wretched gossip”.

Enrique Múgica said these programmes harmed the education of children and the programmes should be changed.

He made this attack while presenting his annual report on 2003 before the parliamentary ombudsman’s commission.

His withering criticism was directed at those in charge of children’s television.

He said they produced and put out programmes which were “hardly appropriate to put the correct values and information” that children should receive.

“They contain simple and poor language which is almost shouted,” he said.

The former Justice Minister said a debate should be started in society which would then recommend changes to the government.

Spanish television, nicknamed ‘telebasura’ or rubbish television, has long been criticized for its mixture of poor chat shows, South American soap operas and lack of intelligent programming.

The present government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has promised to reform the state-run television channel RTVE and make it more independent as critics have claimed it is simply a tool for government propaganda.

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