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Nuclear plant ’causes cancer’, say protestors

10 December 2003

BURGOS – Campaigners claim a nuclear power plant has caused a series of cancer cases, it was reported Wednesday.

Anti-nuclear protestors have blamed the Santa Maria de Gerona Nuclear Power Plant, near Burgos, for causing a rise in the number of cases of cancer suffered by people living near the plant.

They have been calling for the plant’s closure.

But Antonio Cornadó, communications director of Nuclenor, which owns the plant, claimed it was safe and reliable.

Cornadó said protestors had a right to make their claims, but added there was no legitimate reason for the plant’s closure.

He added that regular controls carried out by the Council for Nuclear Safety, an organisation made up of independent technicians, had declared the plant safe.

The Council’s reports confirmed that the plant functions better today than ten or 20 years ago.

Furthermore, the UN controlled International Organisation for Atomic Energy declared the Garoña plant in excellent technical condition after a three-week inspection.

Cornadó pointed out that an epidemiological study published three years ago by the Carlos III Institute found there were no safety hazard.

He said this made the anti-nuclear protestors’ attempts to create social alarm unacceptable.

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