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New minister for women

Published on 20/04/2004

20 April 2004

MADRID – A new post of secretary general for political equality will be created, the Minister for Employment said Tuesday.

Jesús Caldera said the new appointment would elevate the position of women in Spain, a move which was promised by the Socialists during the general election campaign.

Caldera also added that the new government is to approve a new Relationships Law which is designed to develop existing laws governing relations between the sexes.

The new secretary general for political equality will be independent from the ministry of social services, which currently is responsible for questions concerning sexual equality.

It will be the first time a post like this has been created in Spain.

Another law to strengthen protection of victims of domestic violence and cracking down on those carrying out these attacks, will also be introduced.

Caldera said this could be within the next six months.

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