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Home News New law to provide for disabled expats too

New law to provide for disabled expats too

Published on 16/04/2007

16 April 2007

MADRID – A new law will provide care for disabled people who cannot look after themselves.

With more and more elderly expats coming to retire in Spain, the Dependents Law could prove important for foreigners who are disabled as well as Spaniards.

The government and regional authorities were expected to begin discussions on Monday on how to finance the law, passed last year.

The law aims to provide care to more than a million Spaniards who can’t fend for themselves, and help for their relatives.

According to the socialist government’s preliminary proposal, seriously disabled people who need constant care could receive
up to EUR 780 per month, and help to access the education system and the labour market.

The amount handed out will be based on the type of disability and the household income.

Anybody who earns under EUR 500 a month will be eligible.

The law also foresees a series of subsidized services that include personalized care by specialists in the home and in care centers.

The law is expected to be fully implemented by 2015.

It is aimed at 200,000 of the most seriously disabled across the country.

By 2015 the government expects to have invested some EUR 26 billion in the project.

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