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New EUR 296m Spain-France high-speed train link

30 January 2004

MADRID – The government approved Friday a EUR 296 million deal for a high-speed train link between Figueras in north-east Spain and the south-west French city of Perpingnan.

The contract has been granted to the TP Ferro group, which is made up of eight companies.

The deal with TP Ferro was established with a subsidy of EUR 540m, paid for by Spain and France, which pays for up to 56 percent of the cost of the work.

The public subsidy of ten percent of the costs is made up by money from the European Commission, which has given money to projects which are judged to be in European interest. The rest has been supplied by France and Spain.

The new line is designed to allow trains to travel at up to 300 kmh.

The line is to be 44km long – 24.6km in France and 19.8 km in Spain. The main part of the work will be a tunnel at Perthus.

The tunnel is to be 8.3km long and made up of two independent tubes each one traffic going different directions.

The new line is to be powered with a charge of 25,000 volts and equipped with a European control system called ERTMS.

The line is to be controlled from Barcelona.

The total cost of the line is to be EUR 952 million minus taxes.

The duration of the contract is to be 50 years.

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