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New AVE train link cheaper than flying

14 February 2008

MADRID – Set to run on 20 February, the AVE’s new Madrid-Barcelona high-speed (2hr 43min) rail link will offer 17 trains daily in each direction, at a lower cost than flying. Iberia’s same-route flight, however, has the advantage in terms of number of trips offered daily (80-90) and a more accommodating time-table.

The cheapest price for the AVE – bought online and two weeks in advance –  costs EUR 40.55, and the most expensive Puente AVE ticket, designed to compete with Iberia’s Puente Aereo, will be a walk-on ticket for EUR 163.30.

With the Puente AVE costing 21 percent less than the flight, Iberia is counting on its shuttle being more convenient for time-table wary travellers, as the first plane will arrive 45 minutes earlier, and the last flight will leave almost two hours later than the AVE, which also will not run trains from 9am-3pm.

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