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New anti-terror centre opens

Published on 19/05/2004

19 May 2004

MADRID – The Spanish government announced Wednesday it is to create a new National Anti-Terrorist Centre.

The new centre will link the Spanish secret service or Centre of National Intelligence (CNI), the National Police force and the Guardia Civil.

Their combined resources will be used for intelligence gathering, said Interior Minister José Antonio Alonso.

Alonso said that the new centre would strengthen the fight against terrorism by providing more material and personnel support.

Officers hunting a terrorist cell will analyse information which they receive, evaluate risks in mounting an operation and coordinate units on the ground.

Alonso said: “The objective of these measures is to deal with greater efficiency with those enemies who threaten national security.”

Alonso made the announcement at a meeting of all the heads of security in Spain Wednesday.

These included the Secretary of State for Security, Antonio Camacho and the heads of the two main police forces, the National Police and the Guardia Civil.

They also launched a new anti-terrorism plan which includes a commitment to work more efficiently but also to preserve the autonomy of each police force.

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