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NATO says it received no ceasefire offer from Tripoli

Published on 26/05/2011

NATO said Thursday it has not received any letter from Moamer Kadhafi's regime seeking a ceasefire and insisted it would keep up its air raids in Libya until his forces stop attacking civilians.

The Spanish government said it had received a message from Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi seeking a ceasefire.

“NATO has not received a letter from the Kadhafi regime, but we are aware of media reports that letters have been sent to a number of nations,” said a NATO official.

London-based daily The Independent reported that the Libyan premier was sending international leaders a message proposing an immediate UN-monitored ceasefire in Libya.

According to a letter seen by the newpspaer, Kadhafi’s regime was ready to enter unconditional talks with rebels, declare an amnesty for both sides and draft a new constitution.

“We take note of the fact that the Kadhafi regime has made similar statements before and has then continued its attacks on civilians. It is actions which matter here, not words,” the NATO official said.

“If the Kadhafi regime is serious about finding a solution, all it needs to do is end its attacks on civilians, withdraw its forces, and permit full, safe and unhindered access to humanitarian aid.

“NATO will keep up the pressure on the regime until these steps are implemented in a credible, verifiable and sustained way.”

The official said the Libyan conflict must ultimately “end in a political solution which fulfils the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people.”