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Move over Banderas, we want to watch the film!

16 April 2004

MALAGA – Hollywood star Antonio Banderas played Zorro – the dashing character known for his black cape, mask and the Z he inscribes with his rapier – for several dozen young patients at a children’s hospital in the southern city of Malaga, it was reported Friday.

But there were decidedly mixed responses to his surprise visit.

The kids, who had only been told they would be watching the movie “The Mask of Zorro”, featuring Banderas in the leading role, did not know the film hero would appear before them in person.

After one of many action scenes in the film, the lights were turned on and, to the astonishment of the children, some of whom were watching the film from their wheelchairs and hospital beds, Banderas walked into the room.

But some screamed while others were not really sure what was happening and one even said he wished everything would quiet down because he wanted to “continue watching the movie”.

When Banderas approached them to talk and give them a Zorro mask, some hugged him and spoke with him as if they’d been friends their whole lives, while others remained quiet, overcome by shyness.

For each child the actor had a few encouraging words. To one he said, “We are going to make the second part of ‘Zorro’ this summer and you’re going to watch it in the movie theatre,” implying that the child would be out of the hospital by that point.

Banderas told journalists that the children “weren’t all that interested in seeing Banderas” but rather Zorro. At any rate, he said he hoped his visit buoyed their spirits.

But the Hollywood heartthrob got much better reviews from female staff.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, female staff  greeted him with applause and shouts of “Antonio, Antonio!” and “You’re so good-looking!”

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