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Most Spaniards want more done to stop smoking

Published on 31/05/2004

31 May 2004

MADRID – Almost half of all Spaniards think more measures should be taken to stop smoking, according to a study published Monday.

The survey, released on World Day Without Tobacco, said 46.2 percent of Spaniards wanted to increase restrictions on smoking.

The poll results came as it emerged at least 60,000 people in Spain have died from smoking in the past year.

However, 70 percent of those asked said they had no problem with smoking in bars or restaurants.

The poll found the majority of Spaniards – 55 percent – believe that smokers are increasingly more respectful of non-smokers.

Smokers themselves believe they are more respectful (67.4 percent) whereas only 50 percent of non-smokers agree with this.

One indicator is whether people ask others if they mind if they smoke.

Nearly two-thirds – 63.5 percent of smokers – say they ask others if they mind if they smoke.

And 95 percent say they react ‘courteously’ when they are asked not to smoke.

Seven out of ten of those questioned said they think health campaigns to try to stop people smoking are sufficient.

Almost two-thirds of smokers believe that there was already ‘too much or enough’ pressure against smoking.

Surprisingly, many of these say they are against smoking in restaurants as they did not feel comfortable. Bars and cafes are places where smokers said they felt less uncomfortable.

The association of Smokers for Tolerance, which carried out the survey, aims to promote understanding between smokers and non-smokers. 

But according to the Ministry of Health figures, 60,000 people have died as a consequence of smoking in the past year.

It is the biggest cause of death in Spain.

The main causes of death from tobacco are lung cancer and heart problems.

Smokers are also getting younger in Spain, according to the study.

In 1987, the average age for people to start was 13.8, whereas this year it is 13.1 years old.

Another study, published by the World Health Organisation Monday, found there was a link between poverty and smoking.

It said: “The majority of people who consume tobacco are poor.”

And it also attacked the “culture of tobacco” which made poverty worse.

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