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More arrests in Marbella money laundering scam

12 April 2005

MALAGA-Police have arrested two more people in connection with a multi-million euro international money laundering scam centring on a law firm in the Costa del Sol.

The latest suspects to be arrested are a Spanish lawyer and an Israeli administrator.

They were detained during a raid on offices in Malaga. Police are still carrying out a search.

The operation – codenamed White Whale – centred on a law firm in Marbella, Andalusia, which was allegedly at the centre of a scam to launder up to EUR 250 million for Eastern European mafias.

The Russian oil giant Yukos was implicated in the investigation – a claim it has strongly denied.

So far 47 people, including Spaniards, Moroccans, Israelis, French people, Finns, Russians and Ukrainians have been arrested.

The arrests which started in March started after an 18-month police investigation.

Meanwhile, last week police in Barcelona arrested four people in connection with a second international money laundering operation, in which EUR 236 million worth of drugs money was allegedly involved.

Among those arrested was a lawyer.

The role of those arrested was allegedly to channel the proceeds of drugs money to Mexico, using private planes, couriers or bank accounts around the world.

The police operation – codenamed Tacos- began in March with the intention of breaking up a drugs gang.

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