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Molina to spread Spanish language

Published on 14/05/2004

14 May 2004

MADRID – Cesar Antonio Molina, director of Madrid’s Fine Arts Circle, is the new head of the Cervantes Institute which offers Spanish-language courses around the world, it was announced Friday.

The 52-year-old author and journalist from the northern Spanish city of La Coruña replaces Jon Juaristi, who stepped down last Saturday.

Molina told EFE news agency that the Spanish Foreign Ministry had notified him of his appointment to what he considers a highly important post, given the key role the institution plays in propagating Spanish internationally.

“I believe what they have done is to choose a person involved in culture to spread culture,” said Molina.

He added that he believed the institute, “not only spreads use of the Spanish language throughout the world, but is a young institution” dedicated to disseminating Spanish culture in all its facets.

During eight years as head of the Fine Arts Circle, Molina turned the institution into an indispensable part of Madrid’s cultural life.

Spanish Culture Minister Carmen Calvo has said on several occasions that the government wishes to boost the Cervantes Institute and turn its facilities abroad “into genuine cultural embassies”.

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