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Home News Men earn 30 percent more than women in Spain

Men earn 30 percent more than women in Spain

Published on 11/01/2006

11 January 2006

MADRID — Men earn on average 30 percent more than women, according to government figures.

A report on pay in Spain in 2004 found men earn EUR 17,964 a year while women are paid only EUR 12,464  – an average of EUR 5,500 less. 

The report says this is due to the comparatively recent arrival of women in the workplace, the less stable nature of their jobs and old-fashioned companies.

But the report says the balance between family life and work in Spain is the best in the European Union, with more women able to do part-time work.

This does mean that ambitious women may face more struggles in accomplishing career targets.

The report said only 42 percent of the workforce aged 18-45 were women.

The older workers got, the more favourable the situation was for men, with up 20 points separating the two in the 45-65 year age group wage structure.

The areas of Spain where the best salaries were paid are Madrid (EUR 18,050), Ceuta and Melilla (EUR 17,468) and Catalonia (EUR 17,476).

The sectors which offer the best money are energy and water (average EUR 31,846), financial and insurance (EUR 28,911).

The worst salaries were paid in hotel work (average EUR 8,680).

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