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McCartney seeks Spanish teachers for tour stops

30 April 2004

MADRID – Sir Paul McCartney wants to address his fans in their native tongue when he plays two Spanish concert dates in late May and the ex-Beatle’s local promoters are searching for a teacher to give him a smattering of the language, they said Friday.

McCartney, they said, “likes to speak to concert-goers in the local language when he’s on tour and introduce the songs he is going to sing. He thinks this makes the concert experience much more intimate and personal.”

As McCartney has only a limited knowledge of Spanish, he wants the promoters to arrange an hour-long, intensive class backstage just before the concerts in Gijon on 25 May and in Madrid on 30 May.

“Being a singer, Paul has no problems in learning a language phonetically and fairly rapidly,” a source close to the artist said. “During his world tour last year, Paul learned Japonese, Hungarian and nine other languages.

“For this European tour, Paul plans to learn Spanish, Norwegian, German, Portuguese and Russian, among several other tongues,” the source added. 
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