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Man dies in Ceuta axe attack

Published on 29/01/2004

29 January 2004

CEUTA – A man was killed in an axe attack after a row between two families, police said Thursday.

The Guardia Civil have not disclosed the victim’s identity. The incident happened just after 9am Thursday in the Principe area of Cueta, in Spain’s north African province.

They said there had been an on-going row between the two families.

Police think that the man who died was the one who started the argument as he was known by police to be very argumentative.

A number of knives were used in the fight, . One other person was injured and taken to a military hospital for treatment.

The police have arrested a person and have identified others who took part in this argument, though the origin has not been established.

Police sources said the injured man, who was being transferred to a civil hospital, provoked an incident in the emergency room which had to be quelled by the police.

A strong police presence was required to restore order to the area while investigators carried on their inquiries.

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