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Madrid to protest over Gibraltar election law

8 June 2004

MADRID – Spain is to continue its protest over a European electoral ruling which allows citizens in Gibraltar to vote in the forthcoming elections, the Foreign Minister said Tuesday.

They can vote as part of the constituency of Cornwall and Devon in the west of England, but not as a separate constituency of Gibraltar as they are not part of the European Union.

But according to Spain, these citizens are not British citizens but members of the Commonwealth, so should not be able to vote in EU elections.

EU law allows citizens of any member country to vote in any other member country.

Madrid claims that they should not be able to vote in the European parliamentary elections on 13 June.

Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel said Tuesday Spain will continue its protest at the European Court against the British position.

Spain protested at the court in March.
In October last year, the European Commission ruled that the British electoral law applied in Gibraltar.

The legislation which has been challenged by Spain was adopted by Britain after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled that London had to give residents in Gibraltar who had British passports the right to vote in European elections.

The electoral row is part of the ongoing battle over sovereignty of The Rock, which celebrates the 300th anniversary of British rule this year.

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