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Madrid, Catalonia top choices for expat workers

Published on 21/02/2006

21 February 2006

MADRID – The provinces of Madrid and Catalonia boast the highest numbers of legally registered foreign workers, it was revealed on Tuesday.

In January, Madrid had 385,389 foreigners paying social security and Catalonia had 380,415 foreign workers registered.

That means 22.7 percent of foreign workers in Spain live in the Madrid, closely followed by Catalonia which has 22.4 percent of Spain’s expat workers.

In the whole of Spain, at the end of January, there were around 1.7 million foreigners working, with 17 percent coming from the EU, a total of 290,847 workers.

The overwhelming majority, 83 percent, (1,405,278) come from countries which are not members of the EU.

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