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Madrid bombing suspect walks free

Published on 28/06/2004

28 June 2004

MADRID — The judge in charge of the investigation into the Madrid terrorist attacks released Monday a suspect arrested for allegedly supplying explosives to the Islamic radicals.

Spaniard Antonio Ivan Reiss Palacio, nicknamed ‘Jimmy’, was detained in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria last week.

He was linked to the gang in northern Spain who were thought to have stolen  the Goma 2 explosives from a mine and sold them to the Islamic terrorists behind the bombings, which killed 192 people.

But Judge Juan del Olmo released ex-miner Palacio with conditions Monday. He must report to police regularly and cannot leave the country.

Eight people were arrested in Asturias in northern Spain two weeks ago in connection  with allegedly stealing explosives from a mine and selling them to the Islamic extremists behind the bombings.

Four in all have been released.

One Spaniard has already been charged with causing the deaths of the 192 people who were killed in the attacks on 11 March and supplying the Goma 2 explosives.

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